Primary School

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Who's Who

Class Teacher Assistants

Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Tattersall

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Jones, Mrs Lupton
Year 1 Mrs Barlow Mrs Gray
Year 1 and 2 Mrs Walters Mrs Hague, Mr Byrne
Year 2 Mrs Kay Mrs Ward, Mrs Meek
Year 3 Mrs Ansbro Mrs Singleton, Mrs Mann
Year 4 Mr Holcroft Miss Nazir
Year 5 Mr Moss Mrs Munbodhowa
Year 6 Miss Savery Mrs Aspinall, Mrs Bather, Miss Gracey
Deputy Headteacher Mr Lansdale  
Headteacher Mrs Farr (née Mrs Townsend)  
School Administrator Mrs Flanagan  
Business Manager    
Caretaker Mr Boyes  


Come and meet the staff at our school.