Primary School

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Who's Who

Class Teacher Assistants

Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Tattersall

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Ward, Miss Sylvester
Year 1 Mrs Kay Mrs Jones
Year 1 and 2 Mrs Parkinson Mrs Lupton, Mrs Davis
Year 2 Miss Savery Mrs Aspinall, Mrs Gray
Year 3 Mrs Ansbro Mrs Munbodhowa
Year 4 Miss Tonge Mrs Mann, Miss Raffles
Year 5 Mr Moss Miss Nazir, Mr Clavering
Year 6 Mr Lansdale Ms Naz
Deputy Headteacher Mr Lansdale  
Headteacher Mrs Farr  
School Administrator Mrs Flanagan  
Business Manager Mrs Carlon  
Caretaker Mr Barnes  


Come and meet the staff at our school.