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Welcome to Lowercroft Primary School PTA (Charity number: 1176048)


Everyone linked to the school automatically becomes part of our PTA.  We encourage you to get involved in any way you can, whether that be through helping out on a stall at an event, delivering leaflets, helping to plan an event, creating posters… the list is endless!  There really is a task for everyone.


We raise a huge amount of much-needed money for the school. As always, any help, ideas or support are greatly appreciated, as are new helpers!!  We would love to see you soon...


The PTA sees a natural turnover of parents each year with people leaving and new parents joining. We are currently looking for people to help in accounting. If this is something you can do please contact us.


PTA Leaders :

Caroline Sharp / Chris Nixon - Chair

Nicola Brinkman - Secretary

Lisa Lucas - Treasurer

See us in the playground!


Fundraising objectives:

The PTA work closely with the school to raise money for any items not covered by school budgets. Mrs Farr keeps us informed of the exciting plans for the children and where the PTA can help develop the projects that benefit them.


Items the PTA have bought for the school include:
•    Cameras
•    Tablets
•    Fantastic interactive whiteboards
•    Subscription to Maths app
•    Class Books – This is a current focus for the school and PTA

Ways we raise funds


Grant applications
The school and the PTA look out for local and national grants that we can apply for to aid the school in its projects. We have been successful in obtaining several grants recently from the Co-op and Morrisons.
You can raise funds for our school each time you shop online.

Amazon Smile
Amazon kindly donate money to local registered charities with nearly every purchase. This does not cost anything extra for the purchaser and is an excellent, easy way of raising money for the school. In order to help simply follow the link and register Lowercroft Primary School PTA as your chosen charity.


Click here to help AmazonSmile - LowercroftPTA


Amazon keep track of your donations and let you know how much you have generated along with the total amount raised for the PTA.


School events

Before Covid 19 we used to hold regular social events throughout the year. Our aim was to entertain the children whilst allowing the parents to meet up and get to know each other better. Our main events have been.

Summer Fair
Christmas Fair
Halloween discos

Unfortunately this year it looks like we will be limited in our ability to hold events. We are therefore looking at other avenues and would welcome help from anyone with ideas.

50:50 Club 


Each academic year we hold a 50/50 club lottery. It costs £1 per month and half the proceeds of the tickets sold goes towards the fundraising objectives for the school. The other half forms part of the lottery for all the people who entered. There are three draws a month and these draws are held in school, usually in assembly.

Key Contacts:


To contact the PTA please speak to the following people 
Reception – Caroline Sharp
Year 1 – Amy Bunnell
Year 1/2 – Wendy Marsh
Year 2 – Shelley Turner
Year 3 – Caroline Sharp
Year 4 – Steph Lloyd
Year 5 - Stacey Nelson
Year 6 - Shelley Turner



        Scarecrow hunt

      7th – 8th November 2020

This year we are going to put on a Scarecrow Hunt.

All families are invited to make their own scarecrow, there is no theme, just be as creative as you like.

Place your scarecrow in your front garden during the weekend of the 7th- 8th November for the Lowercroft community to enjoy as they walk around the local area, looking at all them all.

There will be a prize for the best scarecrow.

If you would like to get involved, email the PTA on, and let us know your address and the name of your scarecrow.   We will create a map of all the scarecrows so everyone knows where to go to see them which you will be able to download from the PTA area of the school website. 

Last year we raised enough money for school to invest £9000 in home reading books and books for reading across the curriculum.  This was something Ofsted were pleased to hear we were raising money for as it was noted that some books were out-dated.  So far books have been purchased for Early Years and Key Stage One but more are due to fill the book shelves over the course of this term.  

This year we have been asked to raise money for new I-Pads and laptops as the current ones are very old and while some can be refurbished, others need replacing.  Let’s club together to do our best to help school with this project!

So back to the Scarecrow Hunt!   While we are not charging for this event, we would like to invite you to make a suggested donation of £3 per family.  Unfortunately, this is not an event which we can ask you to ‘Gift Aid’ but there is more news to follow on that so watch this space.  

Good luck in the competition and let’s see the best scarecrows out there.  

Donations can be made into the follow account:
Account Name: Lowercroft PTA
Account number: 43903575
Sort code: 20-55-41