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Forest School

Forest School at Lowercroft 


Year 2 have been thrilled to be the first children in the school to attend forest school in the Environment Area. They have really impressed with their behaviour, maturity and independence. We began our first session by exploring the site and getting to know some of the wildlife that we have at our school. The children worked together to identify wild flowers and natural treasures. They were very excited to find lots of bird poo! A small group were thrilled to find a beautiful robin's egg on the ground. A super start to our forest school sessions, well done Year 2!

Week 1

Den Building 


Year 2 were very keen to build some dens in the Environment Area. We studied some different types of dens to build and discussed how to make them sturdy and safe. Then we set a challenge - the den had to be big enough for one member of the team to fit inside and it had to be waterproof! Year 2 split into groups and worked really well together, listening to ideas expressed by others and discussing their strategies. They followed all the safety rules that have been set even reminding others in the group to keep themselves safe. I'm happy to say that all the dens were waterproof! 

Week 2