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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Please also use the link below to GIAS - Get Information About Schools, which gives you further information about Lowercroft Primary School and the Governors

Meet the Governors


Name Status   Term start Term End
Richard Ainsworth Chair of Governors   04/12/2018 03/12/2022
Rebecca Hart Vice Chair of Governors Chair of Finance, Premises and Personnel committee 07/12/2018 06/12/2022
Steve Ollis Co-opted Governor Chair of Teaching & Learning committee 07/12/2018 06/12/2022
Stephen Duce Parent Governor   24/05/2017 23/05/2021
Will Tallentire Parent Governor   24/07/2017 23/05/2021
Marcus Headley Parent Governor   07/12/2018 06/12/2022
Julie Thompson Co-opted Governor   01/10/2015 09/03/2024
Viv Barlow Co-opted Governor   12/11/2018 11/11/2022
Sam Kay Staff Governor   10/03/2020 09/03/2024
Cllr Charlotte Morris LA Governor   06/10/2020 05/10/2024
Tessa Farr Headteacher   01/01/2014 01/01/2024
Damian Lansdale Deputy Head Teacher Associate member with no voting rights 07/10/2013 07/10/2023
Ian Orry Clerk to Governors      


Richard Ainsworth (Chair of Governors) - if you have any questions for Richard please contact him c/o Lowercroft Primary School, Ashington Drive, Bury. BL8 2TS.


Pen Portraits

Richard Ainsworth : Chair of Governors

I'm a father of three, educated locally, then at the University of Liverpool.  I returned to the area in the early 1990s where I’ve been ever since.

With a background in engineering, I’ve worked from shop floor to senior management, even as the manager of a large pub. I’m a company director for a small, long-established machinery business, dealing with all aspects of the company which keeps the job hugely enjoyable.

I love classic cars and motorsport, play golf (badly) and do a bit of DIY.

I became a parent-governor in 2008 to offer something back to the local community - school, pupils and parents alike. Co-opted to Lowercroft in 2018, I’m also current chair of the Bury Governor Association, so involved with the wider family of Bury governance.


Stephen Duce : Parent Governor

I became a Parent Governor in 2017, as I had one daughter in school and one daughter yet to start, so I knew I would be heavily involved with the school for a number of years.  I already tried to help the school as much as I could, but wanted to do more, so when the opportunity arose for a Governors’ position I jumped at the chance.  I have over 20 years’ experience as a factory and health and safety manager, so I hope my skills and experience will really help make a difference to the school.  Being involved with such an excellent school, and with such supportive and dedicated staff, it makes this role both enjoyable and rewarding.


​Will Tallentire : Parent Governor

I am married with two children and have been a parent governor at Lowercroft since May 2017.  My motivation to join the governing body came from seeing the fantastic introduction to school life that my daughter received during her reception year. She is very much looking forward to being joined by her brother in the coming years.  In this role I would like to assist in making decisions that will contribute to the continual improvement of an already excellent school.  I have a degree in Computer Science and am a Software Architect with 20 years’ experience in software development. I have been working in the gaming sector since 2001.  I hope that my skills in this field will aid the use of technology in school and provide support to teachers in the field of computing and coding.


Steve Ollis : Co-opted Governor

I am a serving Headteacher of a Bury Primary School having worked in the authority for the last 23 years.  My Son is in Year 3 and loves coming to school! I am looking forward to supporting the school in ensuring the children leave Lowercroft with the best chances for their future.   I have been truly welcomed in the school and was pleased to see the rich curriculum on offer. I have a lot of experience in terms of Inspections, current Educational practice and have joined a Governing body that have the capacity to maintain and continue to improve standards at Lowercroft.


Julie Thompson : Co-opted Governor

I became the staff governor in 2013 and became a co-opted governor in 2020, but I have worked at Lowercroft primary school for the past 14 years as a teaching assistant. I feel very proud to be a part of this amazing school that provides our children with an outstanding education.

I have experience of running my own design business, along with a career as a design manager in an international leisure company. The skills I have gained throughout my professional career will help me make a difference to the school.

My aim as a governor is to support and ensure that Lowercroft primary school provides all our children and staff with a safe and happy learning environment where we can inspire and encourage our children to achieve their full potential.


Rebecca Hart : Parent Governor

I became a parent governor in 2018. I am a chartered accountant and wanted to use my skills to support our school, particularly now as budgets are tight. I have spent most of my accountancy career working in London, returning to Bury in 2015. I now work part-time, allowing me time to get to grips with the complex world of education and school finance! My daughter (yr 2) and son (rec) both love Lowercroft and I feel privileged to now be part of its governing body.


Marcus Headley : Parent Governor

I was pleased to become Parent governor in 2018. I have a daughter who started at Lowercroft in 2018 and another that will join the school in the coming years, my experience from her time at the school has been fantastic, I became a governor to try and assist the school and help it to continue offering the excellent service and facilities it does, I am a Director of a Local photography company that currently works with over 500 schools in the region and employs a local work force of 30 staff based in Bury, I look forward to my time as governor and helping create a successful future for the school.


Cllr Charlotte Morris : LA Governor

​Viv Barlow : Co-opted Governor

Sam Kay : Staff Governor

Tessa Farr : Headteacher

Damian Lansdale : Deputy Headteacher and Associate Member without full vote


Sub Committees


Teaching and Learning
Steve Ollis (Chair)
Viv Barlow
Will Tallentire
Rebecca Hart

Sam Kay
Richard Ainsworth

Tessa Farr

Damian Lansdale (no voting rights)

Finance, Premises and Personnel
Rebecca Hart (Chair)
Ste Duce
Marcus Headley
Richard Ainsworth

Cllr Charlotte Morris

Julie Thompson

Sam Kay

Tessa Farr

Damian Lansdale (no voting rights)

List of Pecuniary Interests
Marcus Headley - MD for John Hunt Photography/son-in-law to Viviene Barlow
Viviene Barlow - Mother-in-law to Marcus Headley/grandmother of child in Y2
Richard Ainsworth - partner works at PCEdutech/vice chair at Holcombe Brook Primary School/Chair of BGA
Steven Ollis - headteacher of St John's with St Mark's Primary School

Attendance 2019/2020


  T&L 16/10/19 FPP 30/10/19 FGB 7/11/19 T&L 5/2/20 FPP 13/2/20 FGB 10/3/20 Vision FGB 6/5/20 FPP 11/5/20 - cancelled FPP (EO FGB) 20/5/20 EO FGB 3/6/20 EO FGB 8/6/20 EO FGB 11/6/20
Richard Ainsworth Y Y Y Y Y   Y   Y Y Y Y
Rebecca Hart n/a Y Y n/a Y   Y   Y Y Y Y
Tessa Farr Y Y Y Y Y   Y   Y Y Y Y
Damian Lansdale n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a   -   - - - -
Julie Thompson Y n/a Y Y n/a   Y   Y Y Y Y
Marcus Headley n/a Apologies Y n/a Y   Y   Y Y Y Y
Steve Duce - Y Y Y Y   Y   - Y Y Y
Sam Kay Y n/a Y Y Y   Y   n/a Y Y Y
Steve Ollis Y n/a Y Y n/a   Y   n/a Y Apologies Apologies
Viv Barlow Y n/a Y Y n/a   Y   Y Y Y Y
Will Tallentire - n/a Y n/a n/a   Y   Y Y Y Y


Attendance 2018/2019