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PE Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


At Lowercroft Primary School, we have a strong commitment to fostering physical activity and helping our pupils thrive by developing skills and knowledge that can be applied to various physical activities. Our PE curriculum aims to cultivate students who:

  • Have a solid foundation in Fundamental Movement Skills by the end of Key Stage 1.
  • Can practice and apply these skills independently, in small groups, and in teams across different activities and situations.
  • Demonstrate exceptional performance levels in their chosen activities.
  • Maintain high levels of physical fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle, including sensible eating, awareness of drug/alcohol/smoking dangers, and regular exercise.
  • Understand the importance of sustained physical activity for long-term health and well-being.
  • Display initiative and become outstanding young leaders, organising and officiating events while motivating and instilling positive sporting attitudes in others.
  • Integrate character values through their physical education and sporting activities.
  • Employ imagination and creativity in their techniques, tactics, and choreography.
  • Evaluate and improve their own and others' performance.
  • Show self-motivation, resilience, and the ability to work independently for extended periods.
  • Have a keen interest in PE, eagerly participating in every lesson, displaying positive attitudes, and making informed choices about engaging in extra-curricular sports.
  • Swim a minimum of 25 meters by the end of Year 6 and possess water safety knowledge.



To implement our PE curriculum, teachers utilise our very own PE Scheme of Work, which is tailored to our children and provides a comprehensive framework aligned with the National Curriculum. While the scheme outlines progressions, our teachers have the flexibility to adapt the plans based on the specific needs and skill levels of our students.


We incorporate a wide range of sports and activities from Reception to Year 6, with a focus on developing Fundamental Movement Skills in Foundation and Key Stage 1 and progressing to sport-specific activities in Key Stage 2. In addition, we collaborate with specialised sports coaches from the Bury School Sports Partnership, as well as external coaches from various organisations, to ensure high-quality PE lessons and provide professional development opportunities for our teachers.


We also offer a diverse program of extra-curricular sports clubs throughout the year, allowing students to explore their interests and participate in at least three different sports clubs weekly. 


Competitive sports play a significant role at Lowercroft Primary School. We encourage as many children as possible to represent the school in inter-school competitions, with pupils participating in team games such as football, dodgeball, tag-rugby, cricket, netball, swimming, table tennis, athletics, cross country, ultimate frisbee, and rounders. We have inter-house activities and an annual Athletics event, and our school is part of the Bury Schools Sports Partnership and a local Sports Cluster, providing further opportunities for competitions, CPD, and leadership roles.



We measure the impact of our PE curriculum through ongoing assessment, pupil feedback, video analysis, and annual tracking of standards across the curriculum. We also track participation levels in after-school clubs and inter-school sports competitions, aiming for 85% of our pupils to engage in these activities each year. We have received external recognition for our high-quality provision, including the Gold Award for School Games for whole School Impact for PE and School Sport.


At Lowercroft Primary School, PE, School Sport, and Physical Activity are woven into the fabric of daily life, fostering holistic development and a lifelong love for being active.