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Miss Savery

Welcome to Year 6!

The Wolves

Year 6 is an important year for building courage, independence, co-operation and confidence ready for that next big step! We work hard to build these skills by working together as a pack to ensure that NO-ONE is left behind! Take a look at our class page to find out important information and see what we have been up to!

Autumn Term 

What a busy term we have had! Our topic this half term has been the impact of the Second World War upon the North West. We kicked off the beginning of Year 6 by introducing our brand new Power of Reading book Rose Blanche - a captivating and emotional picture book telling the tale of a young German girl living through the Second World War. We wrote emotional diary entries in role as Rose and tried to imagine how a young girl may view the impact of the war upon her home life. As part of our history topic we visited the Western Approaches museum in Liverpool that tells the story of the inspiring men and women who spent countless hours in the hidden war rooms beneath Liverpool's streets to crack codes using Enigma machines! We learnt about the role of the Navy in the Battle for the Atlantic, and the impact the Blitz, evacuation and rationing had upon Manchester and the whole of the North West. We also followed a WW2 recipe to attempt to make biscuits, using ingredients that were readily available during WW2, and carrot instead of sugar which was heavily rationed. Year 6 have loved our topic this half term and wish it could carry on some more!


Stay tuned for our next update! 



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